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Judges Getaway  
October 7-9, 2016
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Plan to attend the Getaway at Kathy Kuhn's home again. Our clinician will be Linda Thorberg, Regional Technical Chairman for Region 4 -- you'll love her!  

Judges Holiday Classic Icon_new
December 9-11, 2016

LaNAWGJ Advisor

Clinic Expense Reimbursement
In order receive Expense Reimbursments for an approved clinic for Travel and Hotel expenses (up to $100).  You must attach a copy of all reciepts. We cannot reimburse without actual receipts - NOT a credit card statement. Click on the Expense Voucher Reimbursement to download the form.  This form must also be used when submitting for the per diem of ($55.00 per day of the actual clinic days attended).  

The DEADLINE  for Reimbursements is 10 days following the closing date of the approved event.

Training Camp


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NAWGJ Board Members
State Judging Director: Brenda Eberhardt
Secretary/Administrative Assistant - Kristi Aguilar
New Judge Chairman - Susie Moyal
Hospitality Chairman - Michelle Martin
Web Chairman - Sandra Carminati

Education Chairman - Patricia Boudreaux
Professionalism/Ethics Chairman - Margie Pearce   
Compulsory At Large Judges Rep - Monica Howat
Optional At Large Judges Rep - Robbie Banta

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