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Because some of our members also judge collegiate meets, you are asked to send your request BEFORE September 1st, especially if your meet is January - March and you want specific Judges.  If you wait, you may not get your first choice of judges as they may not be available.

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Meet Director's Corner Request for Judges, Judges Roster,
Meet Referee's Corner Referee Checklist, Referee Expense, Compensation Chart, .,etc..
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NAWGJ Board Members
State Judging Director: Brenda Eberhardt
Secretary/Administrative Assistant - Kristi Aguilar
New Judge Chairman - Susie Moyal
Hospitality Chairman - Keri Thornton
Historian - Kathleen Argyle
Getaway/JHC Food Chair - Michelle Martin
Web Site Chair - Sandra Carminati

Education Chairman - Patricia Boudreaux
Professionalism/Ethics Chairman - Margie Pearce


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